STRONGCOTE SC-111 is a breathable coating system designed to transmit moisture vapor while maintaining exceptional adhesion onto a wide variety of concrete and masonry substrates. It is extremely versatile and as a result is specified on installations of a broad range of structures. 

SC-111 is a concrete restoration and protection system formulated to safeguard concrete structures within facilities from chemical attack and exposure to weathering. The inclusion of aggregate within the mix creates a uniform and skid resistant surface course in both wet and dry conditions. 

This system is installed most effectively onto pedestrian traffic areas contained within commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Successful projects include apartment, condominium and office complexes, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, pharmaceutical, healthcare and hospital complexes, train passenger platforms and transportation facilities, correctional institutions, retail stores, stadiums and sports complexes, entertainment and theme parks nationwide. STRONGCOTE SC-111 is expertly engineered to extend the in-service lifespan of the structure.
Breathable Pedestrian Traffic Deck System