STRONGCOTE SC-113 is a breathable and extremely durable vehicular grade traffic deck system designed to extend the overall lifespan of parking structures, loading docks and heavy traffic pedestrian concourses. These structures experience harsh exposure conditions which lead to premature deterioration of the concrete. STRONGCOTE SC-113 is expertly formulated to allow moisture vapor transmission, maintain excellent adhesion, and to resist harsh UV and environmental conditions. 

This product is utilized most effectively within restoration projects of vehicular grade and concentrated pedestrian concrete traffic areas included within residential and office complexes, schools and universities, hotels, correctional institutions, transportation facilities, retail stores, stadiums, sports complexes, entertainment parks and more. The formulation allows for: unmatched skid and wear resistance, uniformity of the finished texture and longevity of the installation. 

STRONGCOTE is water-based, zero VOC and odorless; therefore, professional installers can work within close proximity to the general public. After installation of the 90 mil system, the deck can be opened to vehicular traffic after a 24-hour cure.
Breathable Vehicular Traffic Deck System