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Fluid Applied Detectable Warning System
The STRONGWARN SWADA System is a detectable warning system which is dependable, long term and meets ADA Federal guidelines. SWADA is a breathable cast in place surface applied system that complies with both ADAAG and CSAS standards. 

It is designed to have exceptional compatibility with concrete and the therefore the resulting thermal expansion and contraction resulting from weathering. SWADA maintains exceptional adhesion to the substrate while allowing trapped moisture vapor to escape and disperse. These performance properties are designed for exterior use and therefore prolong the in-service lifespan of the structure and the integrity of new and restored concrete. 

The system is suitable for all scopes including; new construction, factory precast concrete elements and retrofit applications. The installation does not require fasteners, adhesives or milling to undercut the concrete. The installation maintains excellent skid resistance and provides an anti-slip surface in both wet and dry conditions. 

STRONGWARN is sustainable, easy to install, cost effective and requires minimal maintenance. Transit authorities with architecturally finished installations nationwide utilize Strongwall products and systems extensively.